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How to make Medieval Style Arrows

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This is a guide written and created by Glennan Carnie. He has kindly allowed me to host it for new archers wishing to making their own arrows. If you find this guide useful be sure to thank him if you see him at a shoot.

*Since he wrote it maybe 14 years ago there are things which he (and I) would do differently but the basic principles remain the same.

I would always suggest your first set of arrows be made by a good fletcher. Choose someone who shoots and understands heavy bows. Will Sherman of Medieval Arrows is one I often recommend for truly authentic arrows. Although most archers use simpler arrows for their day-to-day shooting.

It is also worth remembering that you don't need to make a dozen arrows in one go. It's better to make 3 or 4 arrows at a time and get everything right. I have often seen new archers make a dozen arrows in a production line to save time only to make the same mistake 12 times with no recourse.

Some notes on arrow weight for those wishing to make medieval style arrows. This is by no means totally accurate but should serve as a general rule of thumb. The arrow spine is also very important but spine jigs exist.

Bow Weight Minimum Arrow weight

80lb 54g

90lb 56g

100lb 58g

110lb 60g

120lb 62g

130lb 64g

140lb 66g

For heavy fibreglass flatbows treat the bow as 20lb heavier than a longbow. A 120lb Yew Warbow would be similar to a 100lb Spitfire Flatbow.

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