Self Yew Warbow (Pacific Yew)

Self Yew Warbow (Pacific Yew)


The real deal and the style which Boston Bows makes more than any other bow-maker. Self Yew Warbows take time and a great deal of precision and effort to make. Staves are constanly being worked down to a half finished state to speed up production time. Check our stock section for currently available bows as custom made warbows typically take 4 months to finish. 


Made as close copies of Tudor Mary Rose warbows. Weights are always over 100lb for custom orders although lighter bows might be available in stock. Staves are of very high quality from Northern regions of the United States. 


Bows are finished with a primary mix of oil and wax with Boston Bow's unique mark as the arrow pass. 


Customers are asked to treat these bows with care and they will give many years of enjoyable shooting.