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B-17 Recurve Flatbow

B-17 Recurve Flatbow


Named the B-17 as the firepower this bow can deliver is quite special. During the testing of this bow the local aviation museum was featuring American aircraft and one of the last surviving B-17 bombers did a circle over Boston. The name seemed appropriate. 


The performance of these bows is at first surprising, they are smooth to draw and the drawweight is designed to relax around 27" of draw.  


With a deeper set handle they are comfortable to hold and allow for highly accurate shooting.


Made in our workshop from premium hardwoods from around the world including the option of specially treated bamboo for a superior working design. A range of wood, colour and riser options can be discussed to create a unique bow for every customer. 


Weights can range from 30lb to 170lb and everything in between. Those familiar with our English Longbows will recognise the workmanship and our style of respecting tradition.


After ordering we will contact you to discuss your requirements as we cannot list all the possible wood, glass, and stylistic options. If your country is not listed do contact us for a shipping quote. Orders are welcomed from around the globe, there isn’t an environment which doesn’t suit a ‘Boston’ flatbow. 


Options include;


Weight and draw length are completed at checkout but can be changed before the bow is made. 


All 'Boston' model flatbows come with a matched fastflight string. 


Glass: Brown, Black: Green, Clear


Riser: Wenge, Bubinga, Cocbola, Bloodwood, or a composite custom riser. 


We can add a matching or contrasting exotic wood lamination in the limb stack to make your bow truly unique. 

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