'Make your own warbow' one-to-one course

'Make your own warbow' one-to-one course


Come to the workshop and make your own warbow or longbow. Days will run from early to late to allow customers to make their bow in one day.* 


You will arrive to a glued-up stave using the best exotic or native hardwoods. The morning will involve cutting the tapers, shaping the bow, getting an accurate profile then fitting temporary nocks. By early afternoon we should be able to brace your new bow and, after a lunch break, start tillering your new bow. The careful process of tillering will be explained clearly so you can replicate your successes at home and we will work to achieve the desired bow. Time permitting the finishing of the bow will be done later in the day, varnish applied and a string provided. 


*Should for any reason the bow not be finished totally then it can be finished and posted to the new owner. Or the customer can return the following day to finish the bow. 


The options for woods will be as follows. Hickory back - Purpelheart, Cocobola, Ipe or Bubinga core, and a Lemonwood belly. 


All materials, consumables, tools and finishes are provided, although customers are welcome to bring their own tools and receive guidance however they wish to make the bow. 


For more information contact us at orders@bostonbows.co.uk or message through the website. 



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