Custom Order Self Yew Warbow (English Yew)

Custom Order Self Yew Warbow (English Yew)


Native English Yew from English woodlands, these are hand cut and hand split for the genuine authentic warbow. The quality of English Yew can be exceptional, typically not as tight grained as the American species but can be made to the same performance. 


These bows can be made in high weights and are reliable upto 150lb although getting wood of that quality is becomming even more difficult. The heaviest so far being a 184lb English Yew warbow made to the dimensions of the largest Mary Rose example. 


The finish is natural, although if the bow is intended for shooting in all weathers, a more modern varnish finish can be applied. Arrows should be matched closely to the bow to guarentee the longest possible lifespan.  

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