98lb Alpine Self Yew Warbow

98lb Alpine Self Yew Warbow


98lb @ 30” or 107lb @ 32" (MAX 32”) 


Alpine self Yew warbow. A close copy of the bows found aboard the Mary Rose warship. With Tudor style sidenocks and a brown fast flight string. The arrow pass is designed in accordance with similar designs found on the original bows. 

This would make an ideal demonstration bow, for collectors and archers wishing to use the real, period correct, equipment. One knot has been plugged with a Yew dutch plug, one knot has been hollowed out and only the dark outline remains. Neither affect the performance of the bow. 

The bow is finished with a mixture of modern varnish and oil. Arrows can be supplied but should be of at least 58-60 grams for this bow.