94lb Alpine Self Yew Warbow

94lb Alpine Self Yew Warbow

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£850.00Sale Price

94lb @ 30” or 102lb @ 32" (MAX 32”) 


A self Yew warbow full of character. There are multiple small nots and numerious pin knots in clusters along the bow. None of which will impact the performance or longevity of the bow. 


Offered at a discount as the bow has been used on a roving marks shoot. The bow was a delight to shoot, very forgiving and easy to handle. The performance of this bow makes it an ideal 'everyday' bow, it will not win any flight competitions but will be an enjoyable warbow to shoot at roves and targets.


The bow is supplied with a string and Tudor sidenocks. The bow is finished only in oil making it a highly accurate bow from the period of the Hundred Years War to the Tudor age. Arrows can be supplied and should be of at least 52 grams for this bow.