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Arrow Shafts x 6 (Ash, Lime, Poplar, Pine)

Arrow Shafts x 6 (Ash, Lime, Poplar, Pine)


Arrows are made to match the profiles found on the Mary Rose and are suitable for well made warbows over 100lb.


Good arrows are essential to enjoying warbow archery and extending the life of your bows. Arrows should be spined correctly to the bow but you must take into account the weight of the head and length of the arrow when choosing spine. I have added length as an option so I know the correct spine to send you. I do not cut the shafts down to your requested length but the longer the draw length the higher the spine would need to be to achive the same bow weight. 


If you need advice on arrow selection do ask but often trial and error is the only want to match arrows perfectly. For general shooting simply choosing the correct spine is a significant improvement over non-spined arrows. 



Ash - it is a traditional arrow material, it is hard wearing and is often physically heavy for its spine

Poplar - is excellent for general purpose and hard to find, it can be light for the heaviest bows but often the performance is excellent it is between Ash and Lime in weight. 

Lime - is also a very good arrow material, they are highly spined in low physical weights so often are best for distance and roving. 

Pine - not a traditional arrow wood but is has excellent performance, I use it for my general shooting arrows.

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