114lb @ 30" Alpine Yew Warbow

114lb @ 30" Alpine Yew Warbow


114lb @ 30" Max 30". This bow follows the general pattern of a slightly shorter MR bow made with authentic sidenocks. The stave had a natural deflex in the belly and a reflex in the bottom limb. 


The stave has clusters of pin knots and one larger knot typical of Alpine yew. Alpine Yew is exceptionally stong and can stand larger knots to no loss of performance in the bow. 


Customers wishing to purchase this bow should follow our arrow recomendations and storage recomendations. 


The bow has been finished with a modern varnish to protect it against all weathers. If after ordering you would prefer an oil finish, the varnish can be removed, and a new oil finish applied, but more care should be taken in damp weather if this is requested.