Self Yew English Warbow

Good yew wood is scarce and most archers stay with laminates for their cost efficiency, but if you simply must have the real thing then a self yew English longbow can be ordered,

  • Supplied in weights always over 100lb
  • Made to copy (as closely as the stave allows) measurements from the original Mary Rose longbows
  • Production time varies, please ‘do’ expect many months
  • All bows supplied with double loop Fastflight strings
  • Finished in natural oil, or for easy maintenance, a modern varnish

Price £900


Italian Yew 150lb


American Yew 160lb

PIcture1 (26)

Arrow pass of 170lb American Yew Warbow

For a video of a bow on the tiller see here,

For more information about the longbows discovered aboard the Mary Rose see the Trust’s own website: