Customer Information

At the time of ordering and depending on your experience level I will give you some guidance on bow care. But some general things to consider are:

  • Never shoot an arrow that is too light for the bow, for post 100lb bows that normally means over 10mm diameter shafts weighing 60 grams and over
  • Never leave the bow in direct sunlight especially not in the car over a weekends shoot
  • Keep the string waxed and clean or replace if needed
  • Finally, don’t let anyone else shoot your bow; everyone has a different draw length and technique, don’t risk it

If the worst should happen: all new bows come with a full years guarantee against breakage.

Normally this will mean if a fault should develop I will either repair or replace the bow. The guarantee is void if any repair or alteration has been attempted by an amateur bowyer or the customer themselves.