Welcome to my virtual armoury. BostonBows.co.uk started to allow those customers who I normally only talk to by phone the opportunity to see a little of the range of products I have made in the past. This website is by no means extensive, but I hope you will find it at least interesting!

Autumn 2017 – it’s been a really successful first year for Boston Bows; thanks to all my customers old and new. 2018 should hopefully see some bowmaking workshops organised (email me for a place) and hopefully more work into the historical side of archery. I will try to maintain the three month wait time for custom bows next year and also hope to produce more bowmaking videos for those interested. Stay tuned. 


I will do my best to run a ‘current projects’ section where I will show the kinds of things bow makers normally keep secret. See an excellent example of a Heavy Self Yew Longbow being made here;